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Restaurants are located almost anywhere you go. Some are amazing, while others just don’t cut it. But, even the greatest restaurants are missing one important ingredient. That ingredient is the authenticity and deliciousness of homemade food.

Roopa Ganachari was born in Shivamoga, India with a dream and job she had never envisioned before. She was raised in a large family but had a gift that only a few people could receive. That gift was the gift of being able to cook like a master. This gift was passed down to Roopa from her mother and generations prior. 

But even after years of learning and assimilating what her mother had taught her, Roopa was not able to pursue a career in the culinary arts.  But then, she became married to Dr. Nagaraja Ganachari who finally made her dreams reality. He saw the potential and gave her what she had wanted for a long time. In 2014, Roopa’s Kitchen became an official restaurant.

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